Software/Web Projects

In this page I have all the Software/Web Projects that I made:

Clayton's Autodealer Version 1 (Desktop Application)

Project Summery

This project which is an Autodealer System consists of storing cars in a database file which these can be either for sale or for rent. In order to store these cars in the program an entity for the users must be stored in the database so that only authorised users will have the permission to use the program. Another entity for the Customers must also be stored in the Database so that Customers will be stored in the database so that once a customer will buy/rent a car we will make that order by his ID.

Another important feature that the program has is that the program can print reports for example print all the sold cars, etc. An interesting feature that I had developed in this program is that the Autodealer System also has the ability to apply tuning and modifications for the cars. An important feature that every program must have is the user permissions for example an Administrator can View/Add/Edit/Delete Cars, Users, Customers, etc. On the other hand those users who are normal users can View/Add/Edit/Delete cars but they can't Delete other Users.

To conclude some main features are selling and renting cars, sending emails to the customers that they want to make an appointment to try the car, etc.

DSA Bank (Web Application)

Project Summery

This project is a web application where DSA Bank Clients can manage their financial accounts online. This is done by the manager that enters users in the Database. (There are no registrations, only the administrator enters records, because in real life scenarios a user goes at the bank in order to open a new account and place the money - first time).

Once the user is entered in the database, he/she can log in using his/her credentials in the Secure Key Desktop application to generate the token. Once the token is generated, the user can enter his/her username and token online in order to manage his/her accounts. Once the user will be logged in he/she can open a new account of type savings or fixed (Fixed Account is that account which the user must specify the duration in order to gain some extra money. If the duration is over, an option for the user is show to either renew the account or put the profit in another account and renew the first original amount or close the account and put all money in another account).

A currency conversion feature is also implemented because a user can open a new account of EUR currency and he/she can open another account with another currency from the EUR account. Another feature is that a user can transfer money between his/her own accounts and also between other accounts. A user can also make appointment with a manager and if the manager accepts the appointment the user will receive an email and a .csv file to be placed in his Google/Outlook calendar. The Manager can also view all the logs being made by all the users.

The Great Supermarket

Project Summery

This project is a web application where "The Great Supermarket" offers their items to be sold over their website. In order to do this, the user has to register (First time) and then the user must use his/her login credentials to log in. In order to check out the prices of every item in the online supermarket, the user has to be logged in, else the prices are not show. Once the users will be logged in, they can place the items in their shopping cart. If they want to remove something from their shopping cart, they can do so, and if they want to clear the shopping cart, they can do this as well. They obviously can buy the items from their shopping cart by giving their credit card number. The Administrator has a Content Management System where he/she can manage all the features and data online. An Administrator can Add/Edit/Delete Users, Products, Roles, User Types (Wholesaler/Retailer). The Administrators can also edit orders which will mark the items as shipped, canceled, etc. They can also view the Logs being made by all users that are using the online supermarket store and they can make certain items with an offer for a limited time period.